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I wanted a quick way to show a Gantt chart based off of a CSV output of an XLS spreadsheet I was using to keep track of my projects. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that'd already been done without having to set up a whole project management application, so I decided to roll my own.

The blue bars are actually made up of a single pixel wide image and therefore relect one day per image. The red knobs at the left of the bar denote that the project began in the previous year(s). I haven't coded in a right side knob for projects going into the next year yet. Projects not showing a bar just means that the project didn't have both a start and end date.

Below is the output of Quick Gantt and you can view the source code here
Get example XLS file | Get example CSV file of the XLS file
Get image for blue bar | Get image for red cap | Get image for blank space
Get it all in one ZIP

ResourceProject JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
BillCity Views      
Bill, LeifPLAM Portal             
Bill, Leif, Jessie, OrtegaLotus DB Migrations             
Bill, RikkiDEFs / Foodmart        
JessieHomesite Popular Lynnks             
JessieHomesite Site Map      
JessieHomesite Zip Code             
JessieMaster Blaster             
JessieIntranet Migration             
JessieLoss Control       
LeifBirth Registry             
LeifEDU Site        
LeifRelationship Closure      
LeifHammer Tool         
LeifFrench Toast Analysis 
LeifPddole Washing       
LeifPerformance Measures  
LeifSharepoint Server        
LeifBeer Kegs             
Leif, JessieIHI       
Leif, JessieMSMORA      
LynnToolbook Templates             
New HireIDEV System Migration             
OrtegaSBFT Phase II             
Rikki, LynnCORE Phase II 
SteveCUBES Courses
SteveServer Eval        
SteveServer Install       
SteveVideo Server             
SteveSatellite TV Documentation             

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